Repair the Sunroof in Your Vehicle!

Repair the Sunroof in your vehicle in Aston, PA

If you enjoy the feeling of driving with a nice breeze or riding with the top down sounds like a freeing experience, but your sunroof is broken, then you should strongly consider getting a quote from HAMS to repair your vehicle's sunroof. Old or new, we can repair most sunroofs or moonroofs to your vehicle so you can enjoy lots of fresh air and sunlight in the cabin. If you want to know more about some other attributes popular in cars today, we’ve got more comparisons for you in-shop! Call today or stop by!

Repair a Moonroof or Sunroof in Delaware County, PA

We are not your regular upholstery shop! We have been doing vehicle exterior and interior work for decades and have plenty of references to our craftsmanship. This includes repairing sunroofs or moonroofs to your vehicle without having to worry about leaks or water damage. The professionals at HAMS utilize quality materials to repair your new sunroof. We even go so far as to give you a 3-year parts and labor warranty on our work! We don't stop there - we also offer an annual sunroof checkup for our customers to ensure our work is still holding up to the elements.

  • Full Service Repair
  • Annual Sunroof Checkup for Customers
Add Sunroof to your vehicle in Aston, PA
New Sunroof in Vehicle in Chester County, PA
Lamborghini with New Sunroof in Philadelphia, PA
Sunroof Installation and Repair in Delaware County, PA

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